Let me introduce myself


My name is Tanya and I’m a graphic designer with 10+ years of experience. Professional and creative design. I started as flash animator and today I’m creating UI, UX, icons and illustrations. I have to say I really love what I do, I just know I will be doing that till the end of my days. Some of my other projects:

Story behind Very Emotional Emoticons

I have drawn my first Very Emotional pack 1 in November 2009. It was just for fun. Back then I never realise what impact it will make. I received a lot of positive feedback and a lot of downloads. I made pack 2 in April 2011. Some time later I starting to receive a lot of emails with various requests about emoticons. But I had a problem: all emoticons have been made in rasterized image, so that I couldn’t have a bigger size, or couldn’t really sell the PSD to anybody because it was very inflexible, it was simply impossible to do anything in this source files. Finally only in 2014 I got some free time at starry nights which I dedicated to redrawing all 80 icons. And here we are. I decided to do a separate website for Emoticons, because I truly enjoy drawing them, and definitely will draw more in future. Design trends are changing very quickly, yesterday it was 3d style, today it’s flat, tomorrow is low-poly. But people will never get tired of well-drawn funny faces.


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