Let me introduce myself


My name is Tanya and I’m a we write your essay graphic designer with 10+ years of experience. Professional and creative design. I started as flash animator and today I’m creating UI, UX, icons and illustrations. I have to say I really love what I do, I just know I will be doing that till the end of my days. Some of my other projects:

Story behind Very Emotional Emoticons

I have drawn my first Very Emotional pack 1 in November 2009. It was just for fun. Back then I never realize what impact it will make. I received a lot of positive feedback and a lot of downloads. I made pack 2 in April 2011. Some time later I starting to receive a lot of emails with various requests about emoticons. But I had a problem: all emoticons have been made in rasterized image, so that I couldn’t have a bigger size, or couldn’t really sell the PSD to controversial topics for research paper anybody because it was very unflexible, it was simply impossible to do anything in this source files. Finally only in 2014 I got some free time at starry nights which I dedicated to redrawing all 80 icons. And here we are. I decided to do a separate website for Emoticons, because I truly enjoy drawing them, and definately will draw more in future. Design trends are changing very quickly, yesterday it was 3d style, today it’s flat, tomorrow is low-poly. But people will never get tired of well-drawn funny faces.


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